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DeKalb County encompasses 14 communities. The county seat resides in Sycamore, Illinois. Collaboration and unification is a priority among all of our communities. We are a growing and thriving county ready to welcome you to our 635 square miles of space.


Opportunity Unbound showcases the adventure, excitement and growth that is happening in DeKalb County. Although DeKalb County has always had a lot to offer—OU is taking it to the next level. Opportunity Unbound reinforces why DeKalb County is the place for business across industries to join others like Meta, Ferrara, Syngenta and Amazon who have recently decided to call DeKalb County home. At Opportunity Unbound, we are committed to featuring all of the great things to do here for families, young adults and those who have called DeKalb County home for decades and generations. We will work to expand businesses in our community, both existing and new, through growth in our community and attracting visitors.

Opportunity Unbound Elevate

Opportunity Unbound Elevate is a county-wide young professionals organization designed by and for young professionals around the ages of 21-40 that live or work in DeKalb County. While the words 'young' and 'professional' describe Elevate, we use the 21–40 year-old age range as a guideline and welcome those that find themselves just outside of this criteria.

One of the goals of Opportunity Unbound is to connect people in the communities of DeKalb County; if people are engaged and involved where they live or work, they will want to stay in the place they have grown roots. Opportunity Unbound Elevate was born out of this goal.

OU Elevate strives to provide a safe space for young professionals to connect and grow their network with others throughout the county. It is designed to be a low pressure, collaborative, social networking group; a place to share ideas and challenges with others.

When people bring unique ideas and perspectives to the table, with new ideas and creative solutions, together we can ELEVATE DeKalb County.

Photos of the first Opportunity Unbound Elevate Event held of 6.29.23

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