Pursue and Prosper

Imagine a place where the career opportunities are boundless yet the cost of living is below the state and national average. Imagine a place with access to competitive workforce development programs and a world-class research university. Imagine a commute time of only fifteen to twenty minutes through a charming small-town community just sixty miles outside of a bustling big city.

Now stop imagining, because you’ll find that here.

The breadth of business diversity is among the reasons DeKalb County continues to be an attractive destination for skilled and educated workers. Manufacturing, education services, healthcare careers, logistics, agriculture---we’ve got it all right here. The average worker income in DeKalb County is $66,000 a year and growing, and with the momentum-shifting additions of Ferrara Candy, Meta, and Syngenta, we are the community where you will want to visit, move, build, and one day call home.